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About Us

Welcome to the We Are Comic Reviewers website featuring the rushed reviews of Kate and Tony. Each week we will read several comics from our pull lists (they’re massive – don’t worry) and post them for your enjoyment. Our lists are always expanding and changing so there should be something for everyone! We’ll review current and past issues – whatever we happen to come across in our quest for ALL THE COMICS! If there is a comic you would like us to review – submit it here and we will try to get to it!

Now, more importantly, the introductions:


Kate Reynolds is currently in graduate school! She only recently joined the hallowed ranks of comic book readers and so far her favorites consist of Black Orchid (the Gaiman take), Glory (Keatinge), Saga (Brian K. Vaughn) and anything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Walking through a comic shop she will pick up anything that strikes her whimsy – usually books with minimalist and/or watercolor esque artwork. Kate’s prize comic is Thor Goes Hollywood – she really has a thing for Thor.

Mr. Wiggles

Tony Nagel is an entrepreneur of sorts. He has been reading comics since kindergarten. His first comic was an X-Men mini comic from 1988, which hopefully doesn’t give away his decrepit age.  Currently Tony is reading Saga (Brian K. Vaughn), Walking Dead (Kirkman), Batwoman (Williams III/Blackman), and Age of Ultron (Bendis).  Tony’s prize comic is Captain America #109.


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