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Review: Trillium #6

By: Jeff Lemire

By: Jeff Lemire

As the sixth out of an eight issue series, Trillium #6 certainly leaves a lot of work for the final two issues. Following the bizarre events of Trillium #5, this issue explores the ramifications of Nika and William’s  life-swap.

Nika remains in the 1920’s, stuck in an institution due to her insane ramblings about the year 3797.  None of her immediate family believes her story, and Nika half believes she’s crazy herself, until a dream about her mother sends her over the edge into full “crazy” mode.

William has been more fortunate in this exchange of time and scenery. Essie, Nika’s AI companion, almost immediately believes William’s story, as Essie’s databanks contain a complete data set of the time Nika and Essie were together. Luckily this paradox does not scramble Essie’s functions, as William definitely needs her help to try to set the timelines straight.

While this issue was a tad underwhelming as far as propelling the overall plot, the world building and character development of the issue make up for it. The way in which Lemire depicts the swapped timeline’s is fascinating. Instead of Nika and William merely switching places, they’ve swapped complete lives and supporting characters.

The entire reality is warped around Nika’s memories – giving this 1920’s lady captains (Captain Pohl), laser guns, and dirigible/spaceship hybrids flying around. Likewise, 3797 seems to be composed from William’s life. His brother Clayton is in command of the Ark, a ship prepared to take healthy humans through the galaxy in cryo-sleep, running away from the Caul.

Despite their circumstances, both protagonists manage to make the journey to the Temple, which shocking results. With the new kink thrown in at the end of Trillium #6, Lemire leaves readers guessing as to how (or if) Nika and William will be able to overcome the fabric of reality itself in order to set their timelines and world’s straight – and maybe, just maybe, find a cure for Nika’s universe. It’s a tall order, and here’s hoping Lemire will pull it out!




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