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Review – Avengers Assemble: Science Bros (#9-13)

Today, and today only, ComiXology is having a Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble sale issues for only $0.99! Avengers Assemble was not on my radar until the “The Enemy Within” crossover with Captain Marvel, so I was excited to pick up the issues I’ve been missing.

Kelley Sue DeConnick’s run on Avengers Assemble starts with issue nine, giving the reader a comparative view of Tony Stark’s and Bruce Banner’s presentation styles (Guess which one is more “Razzle dazzle). Naturally this devolves into an argument of one-upmanship, that must be decided in the manliest way possible – a contest.

A scientist acquaintance of Bruce and Tony’s has gone missing, and the first person to find Sergei wins the contest. Banner recruits Spiderwoman, Iron Man recruits Thor, and both teams are off to the Antarctic as fast as they can run/fly.

This issue sets up a great story arc for the next few issues, and is also the inspiration for one of my favorite shirts:

After finally reading this issue I realized the joke’s on her. Trust me.

More importantly, it inspired this video of a young Captain Marvel repeating the line over and over:

As the story arc progresses there is, of course, more going on than just a missing scientist. Once Spider Woman, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk find dead bodies all best are off as they rush to discover and thwart the cause behind them.

This story arc does a great job of individually showcasing individual members of the Avengers. While there is plenty of action to be had throughout, there are quiet moments in each issue that get to the heart of each character and show-case the human heart behind the Avengers initiative.

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick Penciler: Stefano Caselli

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Penciler: Stefano Caselli

Stark makes silly bets, Wolverine complains about burnt popcorn, Thor suggests that mead is the answer to all problems, and Spider Woman demonstrates that the Hulk  has a bit of reason and heart despite being a green rage monster.

The best part, of course, is the ending when Bruce Banner and Tony Stark are forced to fulfill the terms of the bet. I won’t spoil it for you, but just imagine what kind of dares you may have been forced to partake in your childhood, teens, and early 20’s. There is probably a common theme: embarrassment.

It’s rare to see Tony Stark humbled, but DeConnick and Caselli  manage the job wonderfully – ending the arc on a high note. You can grab each of these individual issues at ComiXology today for only 99 cents – and this arc is definitely worth more than four dollars.


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