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Review: Mercy Sparx #4 (For Mature Readers)

Written & Created by: Josh Blaylock Drawn by: Matt Merhoff Colors by: Greg & Fake Cover: Agnes Garbowska

Written & Created by: Josh Blaylock
Drawn by: Matt Merhoff
Colors by: Greg & Fake
Cover: Agnes Garbowska

Mercy Sparx is a series I never thought that I’d read, and really never thought I would like. The Kickstarter and previous miniseries were not on my radar, but as I was reading the solicitation for the ongoing series the idea of a Devling hiding as a human, working for Heaven grabbed me.

Since then, I’ve never regretted picking up an issue and getting to know Mercy Sparx. Mercy is that girl at a party that always manages to out-drink you, out-smoke you, and cock-block you. While you may have a hope of surpassing a chick like this in real life as alcohol poisoning, cancer and age catch up to a life-time party girl, Mercy’s devling metabolism keeps hangovers and cellulite away.

Cover A: Matt Merhoff

Cover A: Matt Merhoff

It’s a good thing to because Mercy’s work for Heaven allows no time for hangovers. In issue four Mercy gets new orders from Heaven to retrieve two angels stuck in the pleasure club Nephilim. Unlike their depiction in Dogma, the angels in Mercy Sparx can definitely have sex – and for the average person it’s, well, heavenly.

While the issue is primarily full of half-naked supernatural female creatures, the creators were nice enough to throw in some mostly-naked male supernatural creatures as well – exploiting angels and demons in an equal opportunity way. Of course, since Mercy is involved the setting quickly turns from sexy to violent.

This issue does a good job focusing the ongoing series back to it’s primary narrative – Mercy’s assignments – without getting tangled up in previous plot-lines. It also features brass knuckles that spells out the word “ASS” – a completely gratuitous touch that sums up the spirit of the comics.

While I typically stray away from titles where sex appeal is half a character’s allure, this drinking, smoking, kick-ass devil has won me over. It may be problematic (the first step in liking problematic things is admitting it) but Mercy Sparx is one of my top guilty pleasure comics, and I’m okay with that.


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