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Advance Review: The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1

Writer and Letterer: Mike Luoma Various Artists

Writer and Letterer: Mike Luoma
Various Artists

This oversized issue contains four complete short stories featuring, who else, Alibi Jones. Alibi Jones is a negotiator, often sent out by his Aunt Anita to further the goals and peace of the Solar Alliance. He reminds me of  a lot of John Thomas Stuart XI from Heinlein’s novel The Star Beast. Alibi is kind, honest, with a hint of rascal that often finds Alibi at the wrong place at the right time.

AdventuresOfAlibiJonesOnePromoPage-19My favorite of the short stories is “Father’s Day” illustrated by Rhys Ap Gwyn. The short jaunt into the past reveals a bit of Alibi’s origins, and is my favorite art style of the comic. Rhys Ap Gwyn is really able to portray the emotional intensity of the piece, which is a step away from the tone of the other three stories.

Of course, “Alibi Jones In Over His Head” is another step away from the typically fast-paced adventure stories that it is sandwiched in between. Luoma and Juan Carlos Quattordio show us the less glamorous side of being a diplomat – dealing with alien customs. The art of this piece is probably my least favorite, though Luoma’s writing, and poop jokes (my funny bone may be stuck before puberty) make it a fun read.

“Blind Eye” and “About Time” give the best old sci-fi feel, with art by Meisha. These two stories introduce us to Alibi’s relationship ex-girlfriend Shirra – a girl that repeatedly gets Alibi into some rough situations. The art here is slightly more refined, but a good colorist could give the book a more finished feel and make the art really pop.AdventuresOfAlibiJonesOnePromoPage-33

Despite the lack of color, which I honestly thought might be a deal breaker, Luoma’s writing won me over. This is a really fun book that you can find on ComiXology tomorrow for only $0.99.

To learn more about Mike Luoma visit his website mikeluoma.com or check out @mikeluoma on twitter. 

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