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Advance Review – Good Samaritan: Unto Dust #1

Story and Letters: Mike Luoma Art: Federico Guillen Colors/Logo: Ken Lateer

Story and Letters: Mike Luoma
Art: Federico Guillen
Colors/Logo: Ken Lateer

The Good Samaritan: Unto Dust is Mike Luoma’s second title available from ComiXology this Wednesday. Teaming up with artist Federico Guillen from “The Adventures of Alibi Jones” Luoma tells the tale of a super-powered priest, an evil cat and a vampire.

The plot of the book is fairly straight forward.  Set in Boston circa 1965, Father Bill Sullivan has God-given powers that enable him to fight evil, human or otherwise, around his parish. This is an activity he enjoys immensely compared to some of his other church duties.GoodSamDust_page01

While it is obvious that Father Sullivan kick-ass at night, trouble arises in the form of a new Cardinal and his assistant who plague Sullivan’s life during the day.

One of the more interesting aspects of the comic is the morality of Father Sullivan’s powers. In one scene he literally turns a man to dust, frightening the person he was saving. The victim accuses Sullivan of murder, which Sullivan counters with “I didn’t kill him. It was GOD. ‘The Power of the Holy Spirit’.”

While the reader is meant to take Sullivan’s side in this brief interlude, it briefly made me doubt the origin of Father Sullivan’s powers, and his right to use these powers on others. After all, Batman never kills (on purpose) but we see Father Sullivan “killing” midway through the first issue.

GoodSamDust_page02The color in this comic is a nice addition that Luoma’s comic, The Adventures of Alibi Jones, lacked. I really enjoyed the way the colors bleed around the edges during intense moments, giving the comic an old-school, magicky vibe.

To me, the art is still hindered occasionally by the line work. Some pages the the lines and colors blend well while other times the lines overpower the colors.

While the book might not hold many surprises for astute readers, the concept is sound and it will be interesting to see how Father Sullivan’s powers and enemies develop in future issues.

You can find this book and “The Adventures of Alibi Jones” tomorrow on ComiXology tomorrow for only $0.99.

To learn more about Mike Luoma visit his websitemikeluoma.com or check out @mikeluoma on twitter. 

To learn more about Glow in the Dark Radio visitglowinthedarkradio.com or check out theirFacebook page


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