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A Voice in the Dark is a Voice to My Heart: Review A Voice in the Dark #3

Larime Taylor

Larime Taylor
Cover Colors: Sylv Taylor

The recent issue of A Voice in the Dark begins a new story line for our young serial killer Zoe Aarons. The first two issues of this title were created over a year ago, and issue three begins all new material!

While the ending of A Voice in the Dark #2 left it enigmatic as to whether or not Zoe might kill again, the first two of issue three makes it clear that Zoe has fallen off the wagon. Bringing the book back to the day after issue 2’s events, Zoe is coping with the fact that a girl murdered her parents while on Zoe’s radio show, and getting to know more about her roommates.

The issue also offers the reader a glimpse at the larger universe that A Voice in the Dark is set in. Murder might just be in the water in Cutter’s Circle, and Zoe’s choice of college, nicknamed “Slaughter U”, might suit her better than she ever realized.

One of the things that makes this comic great is the gray scale that Larime Taylor uses to depict the story. While one of the reasons behind this is Taylor’s suffering from Arthrogryposis, it seems only fitting for a fledgling serial killer’s world to be seen in gray.

While the world he draws is made of black and white, Taylor’s words paint a colorful landscape of passion and motivation. Taylor employs the narrative technique of diary narration to great effect, detailing the unspoken moments of Zoe’s life and giving the reader insight into Zoe’s reactions to everyday situations.

Unlike Dexter, TV’s well-known serial killer, Zoe’s personal monologue is not that of a robotic monster. Zoe has feelings and loves people – not just because she was taught to. The intermingling of normal college girl thoughts with occasional daydreams of extreme violence is a juxtaposition that Taylor uses masterfully throughout.

Overall, I continue to be seriously impressed with this title,  and the risk Top Cow/Image took in producing it. The characters and writing are perfect, and A Voice in the Dark #3 is a great start to a new story line that promises murder and mayhem interwoven with  the intricacies of freshman college life.


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