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Comic Pick of the Day Goes To….

Writer: Nathan Edmondson Artist: Phil Noto

Writer: Nathan Edmondson
Artist: Phil Noto
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Editor: Ellie Pyle

Black Widow! Out of all the comics I read today (you can find that list here) Black Widow #1 is the one that stands out as the best of the day – even surpassing Sex Criminals #4 which is typically the favorite.

This first issue spends the majority of its time showing the reader who Black Widow is, and excellent issue for newcomers such as myself who aren’t 100% familiar with the current status of the Marvel universe. Black Widow ultimately longs for atonement, and is attempting to find it the only way she knows how – killing. An oxymoron of sorts, but one that Black Widow has no problems inhabiting.

The first thing you notice in Black Widow #1 is the art. Phil Noto’s style softens the background while Nathan Edmundson’s sharp storytelling cuts to the heart of the character. The color palette that Noto uses feels warm and subdued, which juxtaposes well with the bleak red pages that accompany violence that punctuates the story. Edmundson’s story-telling shines through Black Widow’s conversations, with her marks, with her lawyer, and even with a stray cat. While Black Widow often comes across as ice cold, the comic is able to infuse, not warmth, but visible passion into the character.

While the overall story line wasn’t introduced in this first issue, if you are interested in the Marvelverse universe, this comic is a must have. The Avengers movie made Black Widow a key part of the Marvel movieverse, and Noto and Edmondson are making her just as integral to the comicverse.

Pssst. If you’re really into Black Widow, here’s a fun link to a Black Widow paper-doll pattern!


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