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Chambers #4

Story and Letters by: Wes Locher Art by: Kristian Rossi Colors by: Kefas Armando

Story and Letters by: Wes Locher
Art by: Kristian Rossi
Colors by: Kefas Armando
Published by: Arcana

This last segment of Chambers finds Denise Chambers caught in a corner as she continues her violent rampage against the cops that killed her family. Denise makes a startling discovery at the beginning of the issue, and must fight through a gaggle of people to confront the last person on her hit list.

This issue contains some of the best action scenes of the series. as Denise practically takes down an assault team all by herself. It also contains some of the the best character development in the series. While Denise is still full of anger in this issue, we also get to hear her confront her brother’s killer and the moment is packed with great exposition.

In general, this is an example of a great final issue to a series. The pace is quick, urging the reader to race to the end and the final showdown between Denise and her brother’s killer is dynamic. I tore through the last five pages so quickly that I might have ripped pages if I had been reading a physical copy. Though not everyone will find the ending satisfying, it packs one hell of an emotional punch – going out with a huge bang.

As I said in a previous post, if you’re looking for a fast-paced comic full of death and betrayal with a dynamite ending,  then I would recommend checking out Chambers on Comixology.


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