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Review: Chambers

I can’t always justify getting all the Indie comics I would like to read, so I was excited when Wes Locher gave me an excuse to read his series Chambers.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Wes,  he recently Kickstarted the first issue of the sci-fi/comedy comic book, “Unit 44″…which looks hilarious and strikes a tone completely opposite of Chambers.

Chambers 1

Instead, Chambers is dark and violent….reaching exponential levels of dark and violent as the series progresses. We meet police officer Denise Chambers at her father’s funeral, an event which quickly leads to fisticuffs as Denise assaults a fellow police officer that she blames for her father’s death. The initial death of her father leads to more, and Denise is driven to find out who really killed her father as they attack her and her family.

The ferocity of Denise fuels the book, as her revenge knows no bounds. In comics we are often used to our protagonists having morals, Batman never kills the Joker (unless you believe Grant Morrison’s take), Superman doesn’t kill Lex Luthor, in general it seems as if only the heroes ever die, never the villains. It’s clear that Denise Chambers is not a superhero comic fan as she begins to slaughter her way to the truth. The pace of Chambers never lets up, building tension with each panel.  The actions and motivations of the characters are clear, direct and thrilling to follow.

Kristian Rossi’s art complements this story with is raw lines and colors. Despite seeing Denise Chambers in various states of undress, Rossi’s depiction of her savagery takes away any sex appeal she might have. I personally tend to enjoy comics with cleaner lines, but the roughness of the art meshes well with the underlying tone of the comic. Chambers 2

My primary complaint is the action to story ratio.  Denise and other characters could stand to have a bit more complexity in their portrayal. With such straightforward motivations, it would be nice to learn a bit more about the background of these characters to flesh them out. Granted, this can be a difficult undertaking in a 4 issue series.

Overall I enjoyed Chambers. The three issues I read were like the best kind of B-movie, nothing but action from start to finish. If you’re looking for a fast-paced comic full of death and betrayal, then I would recommend checking out the first three issues.


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