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Velvet #1

Writer: Ed Brubaker Artist: Steve Epting Colors: Elizabeth Breitweiser Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Steve Epting
Colors: Elizabeth Breitweiser
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

When I tried to explain Velvet to my dude as “Look, imagine if Miss Moneypenny really had a secret life as a field agent” he kindly reminded me of the poignant details of Skyfall. Let’s get this straight: Velvet is way better than that.

When the death of a field operative sends this classified agency into a frenzy, Velvet Templeton, the director’s secretary, finds herself framed. As Fatale has shown comic readers, Brubaker is at the top of his game when writing strong female characters with mysterious pasts. Velvet showcases Brubaker’s talents, and the addition of the spy genre adds some flair to the narrative. While I enjoy Sean Phillips’ art, it was nice to see a visual change of pace as Brubaker reunites with Steve Epting. Epting creates a sleek, definitely image of Velvet, capturing her age, experience, and emotions vividly throughout the issue. While I’m not typically an art aficionado, Elizabeth Breitweiser’s colors also deserve a mention as they absolutely set the mood and environmental feel of the comic without being generically “noir” or “espionage”.

if you’re looking for something to cleanse your pallet of recent spy movie endeavors *cough* James Bond *cough* or you just want to read a quality book written by a mature, successful and proven team, then Velvet is a comic you should be adding to your pull list.  At this point, I might be afraid not to; Velvet Templeton might jump out of the comic and make you.


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