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Mass Effect Foundation #4

Script: Mac Walters Art: Tony Parker Colors; Michael Atiyeh Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Benjamin Carre

Script: Mac Walters
Art: Tony Parker
Colors; Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Benjamin Carre

I love everything Mass Effect so much that I actually bought this comic for four issues. When this ongoing series was announced, I did a happy dance. As it has continued on I have slowly lost all my caring. 

As I try to pinpoint exactly what is missing from this comic, I’d have to say one huge problem for me is the artwork. In this particular issue we are seeing a young Kaiden Alenko as he learns some rough life lessons. Even on the cover, Kaiden is barely recognizable in the bare-chested male youth readers are presented with.

If the art were the only problem, I would probably keep reading the comic. However, the story seems to be lacking as well. This particular issue reveals an important life-changing event in Kaiden’s life, but the shallow narrative leading up to the big moment barely seems to justify it. I am already invested in these characters, I am begging the creators to draw me in, but the lack of depth coupled with the inconsistent art, Mass Effect Foundation is officially off my pull list.

Rasa, as a character newly introduced into the Mass Effect universe is a fascinating. I wish they would introduce new DLC featuring her, because that is the only way that her creators might bother to develop her as a character more than an underling of the Illusive Man who is clearly (eventually) going to change teams. So far Rasa is just used as an excuse to encounter all the previous characters of the Mass Effect universe in some fairly contrived ways.

If you haven’t given up hope yet, Mass Effect Foundation #5 promises to directly tie into Mass Effect 2 and take readers with Miranda and Jacob as they rescue Shepherd’s body. Unfortunately, that is not enough to resurrect my interest.


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