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Germany in Ruins & On the Offensive: Uber #1

Kieron Gillen, Caanan White, Keith Williams

Kieron Gillen, Caanan White, Keith Williams

Uber is off and running with issue #1. If you read my review of Uber #0 (http://wp.me/p3jhmc-4a) you’ll recall that I was a bit turned off by the pace of the issue. There was a great deal of setup and information packed into the issue that made it a fragmented read for me. I’m happy to say that #1 has found it’s stride.

The story picks up immediately where #0 left off at the realization of the German superhuman program. Germany, and Hilter, have come to the precipice of defeat only to be brought back by the successful route the superhumans have given the Germans. While the Germans have succeeded in obtaining a super weapon unlike any other possessed by their enemies; it appears it may be only a matter of time until the rest of the world catches up. For now, Germany is ready to unleash a carnage unlike any other upon the allies.

Probably my favorite aspect of this book is the humanistic story that Gillen is telling. The transformation of humans into the weapons of war (quite literally when you look at their given names), there is also the reaction of those around the devastation and destruction presented by the superhumans. I’m very intrigued to see how Gillen progresses with the story. I’m especially interested in Maria and how she will move forward after the events in issue #1.

If Uber wasn’t on your radar before, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good read. Any history enthusiast, or alternative history enthusiast, will especially find a great deal of enjoyment in the story Gillen has crafted. His attention and knowledge of the period shows throughout the book.

Now to wait for issue #2.

-Tony Nagel


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