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Kate’s Picks 5/8

So luckily I  got my fill of comics last week with Free Comic Book Day, because this week is a little light on things I want to pick up. Without further ado, here is what I am picking up this week. 

1.) Uncanny X-Force


Story: Storm and Psylocke need a little personal time, so they get sent off on a mission with Puck and they meet Spiral and a new mutant along the way and Cable comes back and attacks. Oh, and the three Fantomex‘s miss Psylocke.

Why I’m Buying: Okay that’s a little bit confusing, probably moreso since I’m not completely current on my X-Men. However, while the story has been a bit jumbled so far, it’s been interesting to see a near all-female team leading up to Brian Wood‘s X-men #1 at the end of this month. This current issue promises to explain what Fantomex has been up to, which is hopefully saving Psylocke and party from death by Cable. It’s not the most invigorating title I’m currently reading, but this is a light week and Spiral is fun.

2.) Fearless Defenders #4 


Story: To be honest I only read #1 this weekend, I picked it up while I was at FCBD. Loosely the story is that the Doom Maidens are rising, and Valkyrie and Mist Knight are on the case.

Why I’m Buying: The first issue swept me away, and with Cullen Bunn writing I can only imagine that issues progressively get even better. It was announced at C2E2 that Valkyrie was getting a costume change, and I’m interested to see how this is brought about in the issue. I’ll also be hunting down copies of Fearless Defenders #2 and #3 so I can get completely caught up on the series!

3.) Memorial: Imaginary Fiends

Imaginary Fiends3

Story: A little girl has been stolen into the world of Maybe, and Em and Co., the little girl’s father Jonathan, and a big blue dragon named Nox come to the rescue!

Why I’m Buying: I’m a sucker for “through the looking glass” type tales (If you like that kind of thing “The Stuff of Legend” is another good book that recently had a FCBD release). So far there’s been an academic lecture running through the series,  which I find fascinating. Also, if you’re interested in picking this one up but don’t want to pay full cover price, each issue is available on Comixology for only $0.99!

Clearly, with only three titles this is a very light week for me. If you think I missed something awesome, please let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new things to read.


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