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Review: Polarity #2


Created and Written by: Max Bemis

Art by: Jorge Coelho

Colors: Felipe Sobreiro

Letters: Steve Wands

Polarity is the first book I grabbed off the shelf last week, and the first issue I read once I got home. It’s taken me so long to get around to the review mainly so I could calm my inner fan-girl and give a more objective review.

So, objectively, I think this is one of the smartest books being published right now (tied for top for 5 Ghosts). Well alright, that wasn’t super objective. So here’s three examples of what Polarity is getting right:

1.) Max Bemis’s (and Tim’s) continuing crusade against hipsters. In issue #1 Bemis soundly eviscerates hipster culture. This continues in the second issue once Tim decides he can read minds. While making fun of hipsters is a fairly normal past-time of the average person, Bemis is able to use this as a way to understand and critique our current generation.

2.) Bi-polar disorder as a power granting illness. At the beginning of issue 2 we learn that Tim does in face have super-powers while he is in manic mode. Potentially limitless power. While this does become an exaggeration of the disease, it is easy to relate to for people who have encountered others with bi-polar or have suffered it themselves. Also, since we see the world through Tim’s view, we have to be aware that what he is seeing may not actually be happening, or at least not in the way he perceives it. I hope that Bemis is planning to use this to his full advantage!

3.) Having mentioned that Tim may be seeing the world through the distorted lens of his illness, I would also like to add that Polarity appears to realistically depict how a person developing powers in current society might react. While the idea that “with great power comes great responsibility” still resonates with many people, if I developed powers my first thought would not be to go fight crime. It’s not Tim’s either which makes his journey throughout #2 fresh and interesting.

(I’d also like to add that the art is instrumental to the madness of this book, the covers (done by various people) really set the intial tone, and Jorge Coelho continues to knock it out of the park inside the covers)

When it comes down to it,  Polarity is not your average super-hero book in all the right ways. With #1 already re-printed, it’s clear that the general public thinks so as well.

By: Kate Reynolds


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