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Check the Foundation – House of Gold & Bones #1

Corey Taylor, Richard Clark

Corey Taylor, Richard Clark

House of Gold & Bones is the newest mini-series developed by a music industry professional. In this instance, Corey Taylor of Stone Sour and Slipknot fame is behind the wheel. I’ll be the first to admit that I love reading what those inside the music industry have to say in their comics. This love affair has led to mixed results when it comes to enjoyment from their work. House of Gold & Bones fits into the downside of my enjoyment experience.

While aptly titled “The Overture” this issue is entirely set up for the future story. A situation that is generally expected from the first issue in a new series but there isn’t anything to substantiate the series beyond set up. In a mini-series set to four issues I wasn’t expecting to read through an entire issue of prelude. Even the character development is left vague. Our main character is simply given a name tag of “Zero”. The only individual he has a conversation with refers to himself (itself?) as Allen and, presumably, the main force opposing our protagonist is a zombie-looking individual known as “Black John”. That is the extent in which these characters are developed.

Perhaps this series wasn’t written for me. Fans of Corey Taylor will likely be hooked to every issue just as I’m hooked to every issue my favorite artists/writers touch and they might find more beneath the surface that I’m simply not in tune with (I haven’t listened to the associated album). If you are outside of that direct audience, you might want to avoid this series.

Until the next rock comic…

-Tony Nagel


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