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Review: FCBD Grimm #0


Plot by: Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt

Script by: Marc Gaffen & Kyle McVey

Art by: Jose Malaga

Free Comic Book Day offers a wide variety of titles to choose form, and Dynamite’s offering is a new comic series based off the hit television show Grimm. As a fan of the show, the comic caught my eye, I was curious how the show would translate to comic-form. The verdict, sadly, is not well.

Grimm #0 (as far as I can tell) takes place in the current timeline of the television show. Nick Burkhardt is a police officer, as well as a Grimm, a relatively normal human being who can see when other people are more than they seem. His official police partner is Hank Griffin, and his partner in the world of monsters is Monroe who is more or less a vegetarian werewolf. Grimm #0 follows the same format of the show, the audience follows Nick as he solves a crime and we get tidbits about a greater overarching plot.

In this issue, Nick is solving the case of a kidnapped couple while we witness his mother making her way across Europe in an attempt to destroy two powerful coins. The characters that pop on the television here instead fall flat. The writers seem unable to capture the essence of what makes the characters of Grimm so likeable, and instead focus on the police procedural and supernatural elements.

Fans of the show will be interested in the plot regarding Nick’s mother, which will hopefully answer some questions that the show is not currently addressing, but the lack of strong actors to make up for mediocre writing will hinder the book from garnering readers outside the tv show fan fbase.


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