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The Romantic Anti-Hero: Ten Grand #1

J Michael Straczynski, Ben Templesmith, Troy Peteri

J Michael Straczynski, Ben Templesmith, Troy Peteri

J. Michael Straczynski is back with his newest series Ten Grand with art by Ben Templesmith. I’m a big fan of JMS since being introduced to Rising Stars (one of the finest books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and re-reading). I enjoyed his Amazing Spider-Man run and his screen writing is an impressive body of quality. There was no doubt that Ten Grand would end up in my pull box.

Ten Grand tells the story of Joe Fitzgerald. A once enforcer turned man for hire Joe has taken to offering his services to those able to meet his $10,000 fee (get it!?). Of course there is a reason why Joe is no longer an underling. On his last job Joe stumbled upon something completely unnatural and paid the ultimate price. His life and the life of the one he loved was taken away by the man he was sent to kill. Also, some demons were involved.

Joe Fitzgerald is your standard anti-hero with a little twist that he cares about someone other than himself. Reading an anti-hero is already an enjoyable experience and I’m a bit intrigued for what JMS has in store for a romantic anti-hero. Ben Templesmith is the perfect choice of artist for this book. His work is fluid and lends itself well to the dark, seedy world that Joe finds himself in. You may recognize Ben’s style from his work on 30 Days of Night; another series in which he knocked it out of the park. A fantastic pairing and results reflect it.

I enjoyed Ten Grand thoroughly. It paces well without interruption, the characters are intriguing and have their own personalities, and the end of the first issue left me wanting to jump right into the the second issue. If you are looking for a good read to add to your Free Comic Book Day stash this weekend Ten Grand fits the, bill.

-Tony Nagel


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