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Going a Little West of East – East of West #2

Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta, Frank Martin, Rus Wooton

Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta, Frank Martin, Rus Wooton

The second installment of the series is out and more of our apocalyptic tale is spun. In this issue we are treated to a wider view of the current time period. We are informed of a cryptic “message” that has guided some influential members of society to directly involve themselves in bringing about the apocalypse. It just so happens these are also the names that Death is hunting down in order to exact his revenge.

I realize this is only the second issue and there will be plenty more that will help orientate us with the cast of characters and numerous narratives that have already been laid before us; however, the characters and narratives are expanding faster than I would typically expect from a second issue. This leaves me worried about which plots I should care about or which characters are more than just world building devices. Death now has two back stories that may or may not be influencing his desire to track down the names on the list and end them (three if you count that he is, well, Death).

Not to say that I disliked this issue, more so that I’m just not sure what to expect of the series yet. I can’t tell the pace of the story, Death’s motivation is some in question, Death has shown a little inconsistency in his personality (“… or I am nothing” to not spoil too much), and we still have a, assuming, main character to come in the future (“The Ranger”). At this juncture I’m far more curious about what is going on in East of West than I am identifying with any character or part of a narrative.

I await the next issue with a little less excitement than I had for this issue.

-Tony Nagel


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