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A Divide Opens – Injustice Gods Among Us #4

Tom Taylor, Mike S Miller, Tom Derenick

Tom Taylor, Mike S Miller, Tom Derenick

Injustice the video game has finally released just as Tom Taylor hits the newstand with issue #4. Previously we’ve been treated to rocket of emotions from the death of Lois Lane and erasing of Metropolis which included Superman declaring an end to conflict worldwide, enforcing it personally. While issue #4 certainly doesn’t stop the escalation of emotion, it does showcase the dialogue/politics behind the scenes.

Coming to odds with the actions of one another we find Batman and Superman having a lengthy conversation about the events that happened in the first issue. Batman feels Superman has crossed a line that there is no coming back from while Superman argues that countless lives were lost due to Batman’s boy scout mentality (totally serious). There is a clear divide that is starting to form when Superman is informed of Aquaman‘s all out attack on the surface world. Aquaman has decided to give a show of force and re-take the water from surface dwellers. Obviously this is in direct opposition of the end of conflict that Superman has imposed and Superman responds with his own show of force. The issue ends with the conflict at an end but very clear that lines are being drawn in a manner that will lead to conflict among the heroes.

I enjoyed this issue a great deal more than the previous issues in this series. Sure the first three issues were a great deal of fun but they seemed to be lacking an inner dialogue to make the character’s actions relate-able. This entire issue was devoted to developing that inner monologue and allowing this issue to make space for itself aside from being a prequel to a video game.

I’m excited to see where Tom Taylor takes us in the next issue!

-Tony Nagel


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