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Kate’s Picks 4/24

So last week, only 3 comics I wanted, this week 7! It’s an exciting and quality comic packed week! Here’s what I’m grabbing:

1.) Helheim 2


Story: There are vikings, undead, beautiful women and evil witches. While I can’t explain much more without giving away some huge plot points, if you enjoy any of those elements they are most likely well done in this dark series. It’s better visually and narratively than the current show The Vikings and only costs $3.99 at cover.

Why I’m Buying: Cullen Bunn has clearly already made a name for himself with books like Sixth Gun and The Damned, this current mini-series ipromises to be just as exceptional. According to Oni Press, issue 2 has already sold out at the distributor level! If you can find this issue in stores – pick it up immediately. Again, the story is great, Joelle Jones can draw a viking, and Nick Filardi’s moody colors tie it all together. This title is the sole reason I made a pull list – because I knew copies would be so hard to find.

2.) Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #2


Story: The third installment of Dragon Age comics features Varric’s narrative voice as the trio of Varric, Isabella, and Alistair finally confronts the evil mage that captured King Maric.

Why I’m Buying: I am a huge Dragon Age fan, and the fact that David Gaider‘s name is on this title means it is a no-brainer for me. These comics are fantastic extensions of the Dragon Age world, and while this title won’t be an easy entry for newcomers, the comics are well-written enough that it’s worth the effort.

3.) East of West #2


Story: The four horsemen of the apocalypse rise to wreak havoc on the universe…but wait! Only three have have arisen. The trio is missing their fourth, and is hell bent on making him pay for his refusal to join them. Meanwhile, Death is only his own mission, one even more important than the apocalypse!

Why I’m Buying: East of West has  been hella-hyped since it was announced, and the comic lives up to the hype (so far). Hopefully issue 2 will give readers a more clear understanding of both the world the characters inhabit, and their own personal motivations.

4.) I love trouble #5


Story: Mid-aircraft crash Felicia develops extraordinary powers of teleportation. Despite this newfound power, she continues to run intro trouble and cannot escape her past.

Why I’m Buying: I read the first issue of this recently, and while I’m undecided if it’s a title I will pursue further, I want to read enough to see if it’s any good.  Mainly, there’s a female protagonist so I’m always willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

5.)  Jupiter’s Legacy


Story: What title has been more hyped than East of West? Oh right, this one. Jupiter’s legacy is a new title by Mark Millar and Frank Quietly. The story is supposed to go like this: the original batch of superhero’s is growing old, and now we have to deal with their children. Lots of comics in recent years have begun playing around with this idea (like the Runaways). It’s Mark Millar so it’s probably a bit more demented than that.

Why I’m Buying: Honestly, mainly the hype. I’m not the biggest Millar fan, but the girl in pink on the front of the cover caught my interest. I will quickly report whether or not it ends up being a bust!

6.) Guardians of the Galaxy #2


Story: The Guardians must deal with a Badoon invasion! So far, this series hasn’t been especially heavy on the narrative (in the whole issue it’s been out), but that doesn’t mean there won’t be awesome fighting and one-liners!

Why I’m Buying: To be honest, I really just like Rocket Raccoon. This is one of the few titles I will buy just to read about the exploits of a specific character. Also, the Quesada Raccoon variants. I probably won’t be able to buy one this time since they’re a bit expensive, but Rocket Raccoon is great.

7.) Morbius the Living Vampire #4


Story: Morbius life continues to get more shitty – and based on the cover image he finally gives into his bloodlust!

Why I’m Buying: This is my favorite title currently happening in the mainstream Marvel universe. Joe Keatinge is able to combine narrative nuance with gore in a spectacular way, and reading about the terrible troubles of Morbius’s life should not be this enjoyable – but it is.


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