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Over-Sized Issue for Miniature Jesus #1

My introduction to Ted McKeever came in the form of Plastic Forks. Plastic Forks was a bizarre series with captivating artwork and has had me on the lookout for McKeever work since. I was excited to hear about Miniature Jesus and couldn’t wait to see what bizarre story was to be told inside.

Reading Miniature Jesus #1 is a trip through a schizophrenic dream-state. The story is told through the viewpoint of a self-incarcerated alcoholic with the aid of a dead, rotting cat and the manifestation of a demon (both of which may or may not be hallucinations). Of course a miniature Jesus also comes to life and jumps off the cross at a local church. Much of the conversation is held between the alcoholic front man and his anthropomorphic surroundings.  Bizarre may be an under statement.

This is definitely not a book for everyone. Fans of McKeever’s work and the strange should enjoy his latest but you may have to go to a few comic shops before you can find a copy. This book is magazine sized and not the standard comic size. While not a position I find logical, a few comic shops may avoid ordering extra copies outside of their pull lists due to shelf space issues.

If there is one thing you can expect from this four issue mini-series – expect weird and lots of it.

-Tony Nagel


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