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Mara #4, a Taste of Dystopian Marvel


Writer: Brian Wood

Art: Ming Doyle & Jordie Bellaire

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Mara #4 continues the story of Mara, a volleyball-superstar whose super-powers manifest on-air during a volleyball match. While issues 1-3 dealt with the exposition of Mara’s developing powers and the world that the title is set in, this fourth addition to the series finds Mara in military custody following her expulsion from professional sports. While Mara has previously been concerned with volleyball, and her adoring public, this issue allows sees her priorities shifting back to the basics: family. Her twin brother’s platoon is hit, and she escapes the military vessel she’s being held on to find him.

This is really the first time that we’ve seen Mara on her own, and allows her some brief introspection. Mara begins to accept her powers in several panels that mirror the recent Captain Marvel #1. In both this issue, and Captain Marvel #1 the protagonists are shown flying towards space as they find self-acceptance. As in Captain Marvel, this is a powerful scene that makes the reader feel sorry for anything that will prevent Mara from seeing and protecting her brother.

As the 4th entry into a 6 issue series, this issue continues moving the plot along at a brisk pace. The series continues to ignore the “why” involved in how Mara gained her super powers in favor of focusing on how this has impacted her life, and those lives  connected to her. It is still unclear if her journey will have a greater impact on the sports/military obsessed world she inhabits, but the combination of Brian Wood’s narrative and Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire’s art ensures that her journey will at least be an interesting one.





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