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Let’s do the Mind Warp Again: Mind MGMT #1


Mind MGMT #1

Story, Art, and Cover by: Matt Kindt

Dark Horse and Image have been releasing several #1 for $1 comics in the past month, and at that price it’s hard to resist picking up comics that I haven’t yet been acquainted with. When I opened up Mind MGMT #1, i was initially surprised by the art style. I’ve been reading so many books with clean lines and minimalist colors that the watercolors of Mind MGMT surprised me. However this un-contained and occasionally messy art-style merge with the complicated and at times, unfathomable narrative.

As many other readers have noticed long before me, the narrative of issue one is dense and difficult to follow. Meru, the protagonist of the issue, is attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding the group amnesia of passengers from flight 815. However, it is difficult to understand how this mystery and her journey connect to both the images on the front of the issue, and the men that seem to be following her later on.

The narrative boxes of the issue at first appear to come from an unnamed narrator, but later the reader discovers they come from a man, presumably the Futurist whose file is showcased at the back of the issue. Without any background information given on the Futurist,  or the Mind MGMT organization the reader if left with Meru. Meru exhibits a talent at unraveling mysteries, she has a prior book published on true crime, but her position in the chaos remains murky.

Overall Mind MGMT #1 is not a particularly great introduction to the series. There is a reason that Dark Horse produced Mind MGMT #0 soon after the first issue’s released. Despite the confusion, Mind MGMT does appear like a promising title. The future characters exhibited on the front of the Mind MGMT #1 for $1 issue promise fascinating reading material, as does the concept of psychic spies. If you are interested in this tittle, I would say that Mind MGMT #0 is a must-read which can easily be found digitally from Dark Horse.


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