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The (New) Ghostbusters #3 Review


In this third installment of the (new) Ghostbusters, written by Erik Burnham with art by Dan Schoening,  the team continues doing what they do best: dealing with the supernatural by making messes. Janine is visited by an ancient ghost of her people, while Kylie investigates what old Ghosbuster’s villain Janoscz is up to. Ron cooks up new slim-line power packed proton-gun for Janine to use – and by the end of the issue it’s evident they’ll all need a power up.

This issue particularly allows us to watch Janine get out from behind the desk. Though she’s probably the most hesitant about ghost-fighting of the new team, once she tastes starts dual-wielding her upgraded  proton-gun (appropriately named “thunder and lightning”) she starts enjoying herself.  It was enjoyable to see Janine out of her comfort zone and adapting so quickly to the pleasures of ghostbusting. If the Egon and the rest of the boys ever make it home, they might have to fight for to get their equipment back!

This issue does allow us a glimpse at the boys still lost in limbo. The may have found a way home, but no one seems willing to push the button. They’ll need to get back quickly though, because of what Kylie finds in Jacoscz’s cell.

It might have been nice to see Melanie and Ron a bit more in the issue, but clearly the focus was developing Janine into a more 3-d character. Overall this was another great issue of the series from Burnham and Schoening. The tone of the writing and art are a perfect match, and the quick pace of both is perfect for this goofy team.  Overall this issue contains all the laughs and startles necessary to make it a perfect Ghostbusters title (with some touching moments thrown in).


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