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The Private Eye #1: Noir Never Looked So…Colorful

The Private Eye

The Private Eye is a digital comic available at panelsyndicate.com created  by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin with Muntsa Vicente set in a futuristic world where being a member of the paparazzi has become illegal. Many fans of Brian K. Vaughn have come to expect imaginative worldscapes, and The Private Eye will not let you down.

The world of the Private eye is one filled with extreme costumes, masks, skins – think Hunger Games Capitol style with more animals and prints thrown in, a beautiful world with blue skies green grass and bright color. If you’re worried about throwing yourself into such a new world, the team throws in some familiar references to keep you steady – even in the future people are not fond of furries.

In a world created by the explosion of the entire world’s technological secrets, paparazzi have been outlawed, secrets are private property, and masks enable one to keep them. Into this world, Patrick Immelman, a private detective/paparazzi is set. Despite his futuristic origins, Immelman is a true hardboiled detective, the best of the best.

The issue does a good job of showcasing Immelman’s investigative talents while leaving the reader on the edge in the last few pages of the issue. While I won’t discuss any spoilers, let’s just say in true noir fashion Immelman is visited by a lady who will most likely change his life.

Overall this is a fantastic title which is able to weave world building, narrative, and artistic threads into a near perfect first issue. If this were a print comic, everyone would be scrambling to snatch up issues before the ebayers hiked the price. Luckily, this is a digital comic that you are able to pay way you want for it at the panel syndicate website. The suggested price is $0.99, but considering the quality, I would suggest more.


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