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Kate’s Picks 4/17 (Updated)

So I have spent the last ten minutes scouring the Preview’s list of comics that are coming out on Wednesday. It’s slim pickings again this week, but there are some gems.

1.) The (New) Ghostbusters #3


Written by Erik Burnham with art by Dan Schoening

Story: With the old ghostbusters lost in limbo, the new team must continue their efforts to locate them, while still dealing with the everyday ghost menaces in the city. When not fighting ghosts, the ghosbusters are fighting with their official city liaison, Jack Hardemeyer who is using them as publicity. Meanwhile, the old ghostbusters are trying to fight their way out of limbo, and as always, we get to see the life of a ghoul in the back!

Why I’m Buying: If you have read my reviews of issue 1 and issue 2, you’ll know that I am absolutely adoring this series. This upcoming issue offers more writty romps, fast one-liners, and well-developed art. If you think ghostbusters is too silly for you, then you clearly need to get more in-touch with your inner-child. This is a solid series so far, and you should watch out for Erik Burnham’s FCBD TMNT issue. Also, Dan Schoening puts up Ghosbusters art on his deviantArt page, so you can get an idea of the art style ahead of time!

2.) 5 Ghosts: Haunting of Fabian Gray #2


Writer: Frank J. Barbiere Artist: Chris Mooneyham

Story: Fabian Gray is a treasur hunter that is posessed by five literary ghosts: The Wizard (merlin), The Archer (Robin Hood), The Detective (Sherlock), The Samurai (?), and The Vampire (Dracula). When he comes across trouble in his adventures, he can call upon the powers of each of the ghosts to see him through safely. However, it’s become apparent that this possession is draining him of his health, and he needs to find answers about the cause and possible removal to save himself, and also someone he loves.

Why I’m Buying: In case you missed my review of The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood, I’m a sucker for books with literary tie-ins. Though my hopes of this comic becoming a literary Hearts and Souls was dashed in the first issue, but the comic makes up for that with brilliant art, and a very interesting villain. While this series was originally scheduled for only 5 issues, Image has already announced their plans to make it an ongoing Image series.

3.) Witchblade: Day of the Outlaw #1 (one-shot)


Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov Art/Cover Art: Dave McCaig, Nelson Blake II

Story: This one-shot tells readers the story of Witchblade bearer Sheriff Enola, and early witchblade bearer from the wild wild west.  The issues teases with a potential western showdown between Enola and the Darkness (since it’s not already teasing readers with Enola’s image).

Why I’m Buying: The Witchblade is one of my insanely guilty pleasures. I loved the live action series where Sara got to wear clothes, and I can rarely bring myself to read the comics because of the over the top sexualization and slightly confusing plot line. However, since this is a self-contained story (and there’s nothing else I’m interested in this week) I’m willing to ignore the boobs and give Witchblade a chance.

Overall it’s a pretty slow week for me (I may try to find the back-issues of Mara to supplement this list), and I’m probably going to sit at home and read my recently delivered Massive and Hawkeye trades. As always, if you think I missed something awesome please let me know in the comments!


Instead of picking up Witchblade: Day of the Outlaw (I couldn’t find it anywhere) I grabbed the first four issues of Mara. You can read my review of Mara #4 here


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