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It’s the End of the World as We Know It: The Massive #1 Review

The Massive #1

The Massive is a Dark Horse series written by Brian Wood with art by Kristian Donaldson and colors by Dave Stewart. While many comic readers out there have little faith in the quality of Dark Horse’s series, The Massive is a quality book with a great science fiction set up.

The massive follows the story of Captian Callum Israel and his ship, Kapital,  as they tour across the ocean at the end of the world. Originally a ship staffed by environmental activists, the captain and crew are at odds about what to do now that their mission is meaningless. The Crash (the massive environmental catastrophes that made most land unliveable) also killed off multiple species of whales, dolphins and other fish. The books dares to ask the question, “Without whales, what is an oceanic environmental activist supposed to do?’

All whale jokes aside, the tone of the book is very serious. The art and writing come together to create a bleak picture of a broken world, one that The Kapital and its crew have the unique advantage/disadvantage of surviving in. What’s more, they have lost their sister ship, The Massive and seem to be running low on fuel. While the world of The Massive has not progressed into the the  savage rule of thunder domes, each ship the Kapital comes across is a potential enemy, and is treated as such. While the activists are peaceful folks, the Crash precipitates an awakening of their survival instincts and a loss of ideals among some of the crew members.

As a huge science fiction nerd, I adored this book. Donaldson and Stewart paint a vivid picture of what the end of the world looks like, while Wood strengthens this with a solid narrative.   For any sci-fi or post-apocalyptic lovers out there, The Massive is the book for you.


One comment on “It’s the End of the World as We Know It: The Massive #1 Review

  1. Michael Allan Leonard
    April 15, 2013

    Love this book — I was going to pass on it to try not to add any more to my already strained budget, but I found the last copy of #1 at a shop and had a couple extra bucks in my pocket. Fantastic book with incredibly detailed characters and well-researched details. I haven’t really seen anyone talking about this title much, which is a shame. The Massive is one of the most consistently well-written comics out there.

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