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Rockin’ Batman and Robin #19

Peter Tomasi, Pat Gleason, Mick Gray

Peter Tomasi, Pat Gleason, Mick Gray

DC’s “WTF Month” continues with Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason’s Batman and Robin #19. As I’m sure you’ve already heard through the comic gossip, or press releases from DC, Batman may have found his new Robin in Carrie Kelley. Sorry, I’m not going to spoil the issue for you – I’ll let you dive into DC’s “WTF Month” with full expectations.

Instead I can tell you what you’ll find inside this issue. You’ll find a Batman at the end of his wits, Carrie Kelley getting suspicious, Red Robin in the line of fire, and Frankenstein being awesome. Oh, and a “WTF” moment. This issue is a fun read. The death of Robin has given DC’s writers an opportunity to showcase Batman in a state that he is rarely seen in, desperation. Peter Tomsai comes through brilliantly. Batman and Frankenstein have a fantastic back and forth while Pat Gleason expertly provides context to Tomsai’s dialogue.

A great team on a book makes for a great read. Batman and Robin #19 is worth picking up not only for the hoopla, but as a great example of a Batman we rarely get to see.

-Tony Nagel


3 comments on “Rockin’ Batman and Robin #19

  1. agadudes
    April 14, 2013

    What the Frankenstein really does not justify the story of BnR#19, I was really disappointed going into the comic book with the whole Carrie Kelly thing, but I was just blown away as I browsed through the panels and just wth indeed. Great writing really, looking forward to the next one.

    • comicreviewers
      April 19, 2013

      I wasn’t too surprised with how Carrie Kelly was handled. I was disappointed in the fan-fare that was made about her prior to the issue’s release after reading this issue; it recalled the head fakes of the Death of the Family finale. Though, I could just be over anxious to see Harper Row put on the Robin costume.

      • agadudes
        April 19, 2013

        now that would be weird. Harper is now way in any angle a Robin. I would expect another superhero in the works with her, like a walking Oracle since Batgirl is back. Either way, enjoying the story so far, and while I read across the titles, I’m just excited to see IF Damian would come back or Bruce would go and “adopt” another ward to the Bat family.

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