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Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #1 Review


Dragon Age: Until We Sleep begins the third Dragon Age Mini Series by the David Gaider(writer), Alexander Reed (script), and Chad Hardin (art) trio. Dragon Age: The Silent Grove follows King Alistair’s story as he attempts to find his father, King Maric. The second installment, Dragon Age: Those Who Speak told from Isabel’s perspective continues this journey, as Alistair  Varric, and Isabel visit Tevinter and find themselves embroiled with the Qunari. This third, and presumably last installment, naturally follows Varric’s perspective, as Alistair, Isabel, and Sten (well Arishok now) mount their final assault on the blood-mage that captured King Maric.

If you have played Dragon Age 2 then you are most likely familiar with Varric’s narrative style. His hyperbole, sarcasm, and cynicism typically define Varric’s point of view, and in this issue I could hear Varric’s voice while reading his thought bubbles (appropriately colored yellow, whereas Isabel’s were blue and Alistair’s were white). Of course, despite his cynicism Varric is perhaps one of the most loyal characters in the Dragon Age universe – once he decides to keep you.

The art holds up well to the overall feel and environment of the games, and with David Gaider in charge the narratives are excellent. This issue answers many questions that have arisen out of the prior two series, and it’s only the first issue! To anyone that is a fan of the Dragon Age universe, I would definitely recommend this comic and the prior two series. To those unfamiliar with the video games, the series is still good due to the writing and art, but it may take time to develop the same level of empathy with the characters that the game fosters for players. 


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