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And You Thought Pac-Man Had it Rough: Five Ghosts #1

Five Ghosts 1

Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray #1, written by Frank J. Barbiere with art by Chris Mooneyham, is a fairly straight forward book – there is a man named Fabian Gray who is haunted by five ghosts. The five ghosts consist of a diverse group of individuals simply known as the wizard, the archer, the detective, the samurai, and the vampire (fairly certain you can guess which literary figures they represent). Fabian can summon these ghosts at will to imbue him with traits one would expect from their categorical naming; an ability that comes in very handy when you are treasure hunter. However, Fabian is not the only mystical individual to be found in his universe and there are others that seek out Fabian for more dastardly reasons that will surely be revealed shortly.

I absolutely loved this book. Frank Barbiere has a clear vision for each of the characters and their personalities shine through instantaneously upon reading. The story jumps from moment to moment setting the scene and is handled masterfully without fear of losing the reader within the transition. Aiding Barbiere is the equally as impressive work by Chris Mooneyham. The ghosts are portrayed wonderfully so as to not over shadow Fabian himself but still allowing the reader recognition that Fabian is able to do fantastical things because of his possession. Panels are well utilized to add to the story Barbiere has laid down and the splash pages, oh my the splash pages, are incredible.

If Five Ghosts was not on your radar before; run, not walk, to your local comic shop and get a copy before everyone else finds out about this book. The next installment is set to arrive on April 17th and I will be counting down the days eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Feel free to join me, you won’t be disappointed.

-Tony Nagel


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