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Inducing Rage in all the Wrong Ways: Miss Fury #1 Review


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was extremely excited for the new incarnation of Miss Fury, written by Rob Williams with art by Jack Herbert . The proposed plot of “Let’s find out what Miss Fury is so ragey about” caught my interest, and I thought that perhaps Miss Fury would become another well-developed female character in the vein of the new Captain Marvel reboot by Kelley Sue DeConnick.

When I went to my comic book store to pick the title up, my hope’s began to drain as I saw this cover being carried in store:


I typically don’t pick up books with women this sexy on the cover – usually it seems like the nudity ends up being the draw rather than the story-telling or artistic quality. Nevertheless, since this was a variant cover and the normal cover looked pretty amazing, I decided to give this a go.

From what I can tell (because it wasn’t super clear through the time travel and poorly strung together narrative) during a heist gone awry, Miss Fury encounters a man dressed in green and then begins to flip flop through time. In her time, we learn the history of Miss Fury. On a trip to Africa she learned the pleasure of hunting as well as other more carnal pleasures. And upon returning to America, she becomes bored with wealthy life and picks up jewel thieving as an extracurricular, which all seems to boil down to rich white women problems.

In the future, Miss Fury encounters Nazis! The switches to the future are very few in this first issue, so while the author had indicated that the reader is supposed to question the veracity of this time jumping, by all current accounts it appears to be a real phenomenon and not something that Miss Fury is just encountering inside her head.

Miss Fury bathtub

Between the art, which couldn’t seem to decide exactly what shape/angle the face should be. and the story, which really just seemed like an excuse to get Miss Fury into the bathtub, there isn’t a lot to recommend this book other than the few sexy pictures of Miss Fury. If you’re that desperate to see a half-clothed heroine,  there are many heroines out there that are both better looking, and better written.


4 comments on “Inducing Rage in all the Wrong Ways: Miss Fury #1 Review

  1. belleryphon15
    April 6, 2013

    I agree wholeheartedly. It had its intriguing moments, such as the ending in a an alternate 2013, but overall it wasn’t the most gripping premise. I probably won’t get #2. I have enjoyed some of the pulp characters revived by Dynamite. I might revisit this in graphic novel format to see how it pans out.

  2. comicreviewers
    April 14, 2013

    Agreed. There is also a collection of the original Miss Fury comics on Amazon, which might be better for making your money’s worth out of something. I’m still half-heartedly curious about this title, but this first issue was a huge disappointment.

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