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Psiots Battle: Harbinger Wars #1


Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski, Clayton Henry, Clayton Crain

Valiant is back and ready for some crossover fun in Harbinger Wars. I’m not a regular Valiant reader, in fact this is the first issue of a Valiant book that I’ve ever had in my box. However, Valiant has an very loyal reader base that have been chomping at the bit for months waiting for this issue to arrive. I couldn’t resist the chance to see what the Valiant fans were so excited about. First time readers feel safe that you can pick up this book and enjoy it without having any prior knowledge of the Valiant universe.

The Harbinger world includes a host of individuals with psychic abilities referred to as psiots. Set in a real world universe the psiots are kept hidden from the masses and used by the government, among other agencies both public and private, to carry out secret endeavors. Of course there are opposing viewpoints that have come to a head causing the agencies (hosts of the differing viewpoints) to battle over control of the psiots. Add in a rouge super weapon in the form of another Valiant universe staple, Bloodshot, and you have yourself a story worthy of it’s own title.

Being new to the Valiant universe you may find yourself trying to grasp the boundaries of this world. Thankfully Joshua Dysart and Duane Swierczynski have written in plenty of back story and narration to allow new readers access to the world. This issue is also riddled with jumping from one period of time to another in order to set the scene. When this happens you will generally find the panels change artistic styles. I love when comics take advantage of the visual medium in order to allow the reader to feel as though the story is taking place away from the present. It certainly makes a new reader feel welcome.

Overall I enjoyed my first trip into the Valiant universe. This issue is very new reader friendly and is a perfect jumping in point for anyone who might be interested in Valiant comics. If you’ve been sitting on the fence, feel safe that you can dive in without worry.


-Tony Nagel


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