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Kate’s Comic Picks 4/3

Every week I pour over the list of upcoming comic releases (click here for this week’s releases) to decide which comics I’ll be picking up this week.

1.) 1 for $1 Massive #1


Story: The Massive is written by Brian Wood, with art by Kristian Donaldson and colors by Dave Stewart. The ongoing Dark Horse series follows the adventures of Captain Callum Israel as he searches for The Massive and contemplates what it means to be an environmentalist in a post-apocalyptic world. The title is currently on issue 10 of the series, with #11 coming out later this month.

Why I’m Buying: At the price of $1.00, I”m willing to give this title a chance. Well-developed post-apocalyptic worlds can be fascinating, and I’m interested to see if the writing holds up to the artwork.

2.) Last of Us: American Dreams #1


Story: This comic is prequel to the tremendously hyped game The Last of Us.  It is co-written by Neil Bruckmann (the creative director of Naughty Dog!) and Faith Erin Hicks with art done by Hicks and colors by Rachelle Rosenberg. In this comic arc, readers are promised a better understanding of the world  The Last of Us is set in, and an acquaintance with the game’s heroine Ellie.

Why I’m Buying: Many video games in the past years have attempted to do comic book tie-ins to boost game sales and flesh out game worlds.  Many of these game-comics never find their audience among the comic book audience, but I’m hoping that the Naughty Dog! (Think Nathan Drake and the Uncharted series) attachment to this project will result in both excellent story telling and some excellent visuals. Plus, little girl heroines are totally in right now (I’m looking at you Hit-Girl).

3.) Glory #34


Story: Glory #34 marks the last issue in Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell’s run on the Glory (originally created by Rob Liefield). The current run of Glory focuses on Glory, a half demon half-amazonian woman who is recovering from past battles on her home planet of Thule. Issue #34 promises an epic battle, and potentially more deaths as the run comes to a close.

Why I’m Buying: Keatinge and Campbell have drastically changed the art and story-line of the heroine from previous handlers, and the finale to Glory’s search for revenge promises to be epic. I’m intensely curious to see how the events at the end of issue #33 play out at the beginning of #34, and I’m desperately hoping that Keatinge and Campbell can tie up all the lose ends in a satisfactory manner.

4.) Thanos Rising #1


Story: Thanos Rising promises to tell some sort of origin/re-origin for Thanos! There’s a lot of fan interest in this title, considering that he is scheduled to be the next villain in the ongoing Marvel Movieverse.

Why I’m Buying: As I am currently reading Guardians of the Galaxy, I definitely want to pick this title up to see how/if they’ll tie this in to the GotG plot. Also, baby Thanos is adorable.

5.) Miss Fury #1


Story:  In this updated take on Miss Fury, Dynamite Comics and writer Rob Williams brings the heroine to the future…and then back…and then forward..and then back again with some mind-games thrown in to boot. In an interview with Previews Williams stated that he was really interested in the “fury” part of the heroine’s name, and plans to fully explore Miss Fury’s emotional history. Is she crazy? Is she not? Hopefully this issue will give us some insight.

Why I’m Buying: Miss Fury was one of the first female-written female heroines ever! With the recent successful reboot of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel (which is excellent) I’m hoping that Williams can write a compelling story for Miss Fury without reducing the title to tits and ass.

6.) Polarity #1


Story: Polarity is a  series being published by BOOM! Studios. Writer Max Bemis and artist Jorge Coelho tell the story of Timothy Woods, a man suffering from bi-polar disorder. After an accident, Woods realizes that not only has his disorder made him moody, but it is also suppressing his super powers!  The four-issue series will follow Woods as he learns to fight villainy and mental disease.

Why I’m Buying: With indie games like Depression Quest and movies like Silver Linings Playbook, it seems like mental illness has become slightly more prominent within popular culture. Since the book will be dealing with the real-world issue of mental illness, I’m hoping that this series doesn’t make the cure for illness superpower. Instead, I’m hoping that this book, like Depression Quest will have more subtle lessons about both bi-polar disorder and superheroes to share.


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