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Destruction is Coming: Age of Ultron #3

Age of Ultron 3

If you read comics I’m sure you are aware of the Age of Ultron. Marvel‘s current “big event” book is set in 10 issues that arrive on a weekly basis. Marvel’s big event books have been very popular in recent history and full of surprises around every turn – which of course is half of the fun in reading them; the other half being seeing so many characters in one series. Age of Ultron doesn’t disappoint in either half.

Age of Ultron follows in the footsteps of many of the big events before it. The series starts out with a mystery that unfolds little by little over each issue.  Three issues in and the pattern is very familiar but still quite captivating. I do not want to spoil anything in this issue but the issue does end with a grandiose reveal that is very reminiscent of a not-to-far-back big event. Despite the familiarity, most of the excitement in a Marvel big event is that events that matter happen. Characters die, timelines unfold, and shocking moments occur – all of which takes place on a weekly basis and in continuity (according to Bendis).

Issue #3 is where the wheels hit the ground for Age of Ultron. Characters dying, check – timelines unfold, check – shocking moments, check – this issue has everything you’ve come to love from a big event book. If you have been sitting on the fence with Age of Ultron, now is a good time to jump in. All three issues of the series are still likely to be on the shelf at your local comic shop and the story has enough substance to let the big reveals start happening. Marvel has kept the last few pages so secret that only six people in the Marvel offices know of their secrets. I can only imagine what is to come.

-Tony Nagel


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