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The Life of an Addict: Morbius The Living Vampire #1


Joe Keating, Richard Elson, and Antonio Fabela

Many of you may have missed this title with all the other Marvel Now books coming out, and that would be your mistake.  Morbius The Living Vampire, written by Joe Keatinge with art by Richard Elson, is a story that gives us a closer look at the slightly tragic character and inner-workings of Michael Morbius, misunderstood villain.

The issue begins with Morbius escaping from prison (which you can read about in The Amazing Spiderman #699.1) and quickly establishes the kind of vampire that Morbius is and isn’t. Given the recent upsurge in supernatural story-telling, this is almost a necessity when writing anything based on supernatural mythos. For those concerned, Morbius is pretty strong, mostly impervious, can hypnotize people, and move quickly but definitely does not glitter.

More than setting up Morbius’s abilities, the comic really focuses on understanding Morbius as a character, and the intricacies of his self-understanding based on his negotiation of the following statements:





Skottie Young

As someone who grew up with the 1994 Spider-man show, what initially attracted me to this book was the internal-dialogue. Morbius, much like Spider-man, is constantly talking to himself in a dark, occasionally humorous and self-deprecating manner mirroring some of Spidey’s own self-dialogue at times.

The reader quickly comes to question what kind of person Morbius might be if he had inherited different types of powers. If he didn’t have to constantly deal with blood lust, would Michael Morbius actually be one of the good guys?

This title begins to examine that question – seeing what Morbius is capable of on his own as he hides out in the town of Brownsville. The title sets Morbius up for some excellent (and violent) adventures, while promising a well-written story of a character dealing with addiction (ahem, bloodlust). If you are looking for a vampire story, then you might be slightly disappointed in this title, as Morbius is admittedly only “Vampire-ish”. If you are a fan of the Spiderman universe, watched the 90’s cartoon, or just want some superb writing accompanied by dark art, then this is the title for you. Issue #3 only came out last week, so now is an excellent time to hop on the Morbius bandwagon (while we watch him fall off, time and time again)!

By: Kate Reynolds


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