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Superman Kills Someone, True Story: Injustice Gods Among Us #3

Injustice #3

Injustice  Gods Among Us is an upcoming video game from the creators of Mortal Kombat that also has a comic to help set the story for the video game. The comic is available digitally, at Comixology, in smaller parts that are then collected into the floppy release. If the title isn’t warning enough, SPOILERS!


Imagine everything you’ve ever wanted to happen in the DC universe. Every time you’ve wanted Batman to just kill the Joker to make his problems go away. All the baddies that Superman could have just punched into non-existence. Good news! You should read this book.

While this series is using characters from the DC universe it is not canon. There is a lot of upside to the story not being canon for fans of DC. This means you get to see your favorite characters in stories that would never be published outside of this very unique scenario. This series starts off with Lois and Superman expecting a child. However, the Joker has other plans and sets up Lois and Jimmy on a false story lead. It is from this point that things escalate quickly (this is a mini-series and moves very fast). Metropolis is leveled, Lois (and her unborn child) are killed, and Superman snaps. In his fury, Superman kills the Joker and declares an end to all conflict on Earth. Those who don’t abide will come face to face with Superman himself. A world without war doesn’t make everyone happy and Superman has just made some new enemies.

Issue #3 picks up with some shady government figures kidnapping Clark’s parents (with some villain help). Superman continues his rampage and the involvement of the shady government figures has convinced many superheroes to side with Superman in his quest to end all conflict on Earth. At this point you are either with Superman or against him. Ares learns this the hard way as Wonder Woman picks up the sword, literally, to stand by Superman.

Doesn’t sound like any DC book you’ve ever read, right? There is a lot to love about Injustice.

-Tony Nagel


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