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Ghost: In the Smoke and Din Review


I came across Ghost while I was standing in line at the comic shop. I’ve always been a sucker for a female lead, and when I saw Phil Noto’s name on the cover I immediately grabbed #1-4 (You should also grab #0, which I picked up digitally)

Essentially Ghost: In the Smoke and Din tells the story of Ghost, who was brought to our world by some bumbling ghost finder wannabees Vaughn and Tommy. She quickly realizes that perhaps she would like to know who she is, where she came from etc. and her quest for identity quickly leads to some dark places, both literally and tonally.

ghost4If you read my Triggergirl 6 review then you already know of my passion for Phil Noto’s artwork. His rendition of Ghost does not dissappoint, particularly when she’s in full-on ghost form. Her flowing dress and “don’t give a f*#@!” gaze create a nuanced character, with the feminine garment obscuring her rage and power.

My only critique is that we learn quite a bit about Ghost’s history, but Ghost still ends up lacking emotional depth and nuanced motivations. Her arrogance and rage come through, with superb writing by Kelly Sue DeConnick, but we don’t get glimpses of her humanity, even after she finds out her identity. For people encountering Ghost for the first time, there is little to set her apart from every other run-of-the-mill origin arc. In order to make he distinguishable from the pack, Ghost needs some depth.


Luckily the end of Ghost: In the Smoke in Din leaves the title open for quite a bit more development if Dark Horse decides to carry on the series. I really enjoyed this four-part revamp of Ghost. It’s fast paced, has some fun villains (Dr. October!) and sets Ghost up for a much broader story. If you like strong female characters, the supernatural, and good artwork then this title is definitely for you. 


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