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A Tree and a Raccoon Walk Into a Bar: Guardians of the Galaxy #1


After months of publicity it is finally time to start on a new adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This time around we have a few slight changes to the team from their 2008 lineup. Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, Star-Lord, and Rocket Raccoon have all returned. Iron Man is also running around with the Guardians but I don’t foresee him staying long enough to be a regular member.

Fans of the 2008 series will find a lot to like about this new series. The first issue builds on .1 and wastes no time setting the first story arc, saving Earth. The issue is packed with exactly what you’ve come to expect from the Guardians – Drax destroys, Groot says hello, Gamora flaunts her talent to kill, Star-Lord is out to prove his worth and protect the Galaxy, and Rocket Raccoon carries around guns bigger than he is.

For anyone new to the Guardians of the Galaxy, welcome to the cosmic world that exists in Marvel comics. The Guardians of the Galaxy books have typically been a home to the characters that exist in the Marvel universe but don’t live on Earth. It is not uncommon for a new character to pop in every other issue for a story arc and tends to keep the Guardians books full of fresh faces. Most notably, for those following the Marvel movie plans, the Guardians will likely come across Thanos. Thanos is the grinning face you got to see after the Avengers movie was over and is galactic bad news.

This book is a fun read. There is nothing ground breaking or revolutionary about it that makes it a must read for everyone. If you are a fan of the 2008 series, grab a copy. If you want a jumping on point for the cosmic Marvel universe, grab a copy. If you just want to show off how much you know when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie comes out and you get the be the person who educates all your friends and family on who is who, grab a copy.

“But Tony there are 17 covers. How do I pick which one to get?” I’m glad you asked and what impeccable timing you have. There really is no going wrong in which cover you choose but allow me to gush over my favorites:

GotG1-PhantomGotG1-ManaraGotG Baby VariantGoTG Rocket Racoon 2

Starting from left to right.

1) – The Phantom Variant cover of Thanos inspired by the Days of Future past cover in Uncanny X-Men #141. I have a soft spot for cover swipes and this cover is perfectly executed. A must have for the Thanos fan.

2) – The 1:50 Milo Manara Variant cover of Gamora. This cover is beautiful and I cannot gush enough about it. Fans of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman may recognize Manara’s work from the Endless Nights graphic novel.

3) – The Baby Variant cover by Skottie Young. Really the cover speaks for itself. As with all of Skottie’s work, it is adorable and well executed. Look how friendly Groot is.

4) – The 1:100 Joe Quesada Variant cover of Rocket Raccoon. Not going to lie, I love Rocket Raccoon. From the Mignola mini-series to this book. A Rocket Raccoon cover always has a place in my collection.

-Tony Nagel

Let me know what you think! Did this issue meet your expectation? What do you think is in store for the Guardians?


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