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Protagonists or Pin-Up Girls? The New Ghostbusters #2


The wild romps of Melanie, Janine, Kylie and Ron continue with issue two, where the plot focuses both on the marketing agreement they signed and their continued search for Egon, Ray, Peter, and Winston.

My interest waned through the first few page of the comic where Melanie, Kylie, and Janine were forced to wear slightly revealing costumes for a marketing photoshoot. All three voiced concerns over the arrangement but were ultimately shot down. It initially felt like a poorly written excuse to sex up the ghostbusters when clearly, ghosbusters have historically been the opposite of sexy.

However, I never should have doubted Erik Burnham and the rest of the team! After successfully catching their second ghost, the team heads back to the photo shoot with scratches up and down their legs because – go figure- chasing ghosts with unprotected skin is a hazard to your health! Janine and Melanie manage to snag the original ghostbusters coveralls which will hopefully make their appearance in issue 3. This witty jab at women’s costuming in comics is a neat side-story, and a lesson that the those in charge of Catwoman’s unzipped suit should take to heart.

Meanwhile, this issue gives reader a first glimpse of what the new and old ghostbusters might be up against! No spoilers (because you should go read this title for yourself) but let’s just say it has something to do with a character movie and comic fans alike may recognize.

The pacing and storytelling remains excellent, with Burnham doing a good job of maintaining focus on the new ghostbusters, while occasionally allowing us glimpses of the old team’s fate. Overall, this is an excellent series so far – definitely added to my pull list.

By: Kate Reynolds


One comment on “Protagonists or Pin-Up Girls? The New Ghostbusters #2

  1. Erik Burnham
    March 27, 2013

    Thanks for the kind words! (:

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