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Ghouls and Girls: The New Ghostbusters #1


As I have previously mentioned, I am a recent comic convert, so every trip to the comic shop is full of new and wondrous surprises. Until recently I had no idea that Ghostbusters comics even existed, but when I saw The New Ghostbusters on the shelf, I knew I had to buy it.

As a pretty avid Ghostbusters fan (I once made a Ghostbusters diorama out of peeps for extra credit) seeing a woman on the front of a Ghostbusters title was both shocking and delightful. The new ghostbusters featurea a team of three women, and one man – clearly mixing up the previously bro-oriented composition of the team.

Writer Erik Burnham does an excellent job of introducing (or re-introducing for former fans of the series) the new cast, Janine Melintz, Kylie Griffin, Melanie Ortiz, and Ron Alexander while keeping a quick and playful pace. The issue starts out quickly with the original team disappearing to another dimension (and they make appearances sporadically – have no fear), and the girls decide to see what ghostbusting is all about.

Naturally no Ghostbuster tale would be complete without minor problems with the city government.

 Melanie:…How on earth did the ghosbusters manage to catch anything without wrecking half the city?

Janine: Oh Sweetie…they didn’t

The new team runs into trouble (and property damage) and ends up making legal agreements with the city in order to retain their equipment, and right to investigate paranormal activities.

Overall this is an excellent book for anyone who likes fun. (You all like fun don’t you?) The characters are well-written, the artwork matches the tone of the book impeccably, and there’s even a bonus mini-comic “In the Box” that follows the life of a poor little captured ghoul at the end. So go…now…and read it for yourself!

By: Kate Reynolds


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